KFUPM Graduate Assistantships

About GA Positions

It is temporary employment (stage) in which the employee must find an acceptance (admission) in a university (according to KFUPM regulations) where he must continue his Master and PhD studies to become a professor and come back to work in KFUPM in research and teaching. Although, The GA is excepted to perform his full duties for approximately (35-40) hours work per week and to carry out teaching, research, academic advising, administrative duties, and any other academic duties that will be assigned to the faculty by the academic department concerned. Also, he must adhere to any other job responsibilities imposed by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.

Scholarship Benefits

  • - Monthly rewards according to the family size.
  • - Allowance for references, books, and printing reports.
  • - Medical insurance for the employee and his family.
  • - Annual passenger tickets for the employee and his family

General Terms and Conditions

  • - The applicant must be a Saudi national.
  • - The age of the applicant when submitting the application should not be more than (25) years old.
  • - The cumulative GPA in the Bachelor’s degree is not less than (3.5/4 or 4.5/5).
  • - The study for the qualifications must be completed as a regular student
  • - Any qualifications from non-Saudi universities must be Equalized from the Ministry of Education and to be submitted with the documents.
  • - Passing the requirements and conditions of the university and its academic departments, including the personal interview.
  • - Any applications not meeting the required conditions or incomplete will not be considered.
  • - Applying for one job only (in the event of applying for more than one job, the employment application is considered canceled)

Required Documents

  • - A copy of the national identity card
  • - A copy of the Bachelor’s degree and the academic record
  • - A copy of the qualification equivalency for graduates from non-Saudi universities from the Ministry of Education.

Accepted Attachments

  • - Must be in a PDF format.
  • - The size shouldn’t be more than 20 MB
  • - The attachment must be clear and easy to read.
  • - The attachment name must clearly reflect its content. (e.g., certificate must be named certificate).
  • - Please open your document and make sure it opens on your PC before attaching it.

Thanks for taking the effort to send your application. We will contact you soon to inform you about your application.